Villa Allegra by Oppenheim

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The best remedy to the winter blues—and icy winds if you’re in northeastern U.S.—is to scroll through pictures of modern homes located in places with warmer climes. And somehow the perfect summer getaway homes always seem have the exoticness of tropical or far-flung regions in the world and the effect of making the city around it dissolve away. Such is the feeling that pervades Villa Allegra in Miami, Florida, which was designed by the firm Oppenheim.


With almost a palatial appeal, the expansive two-story villa is a serene oasis in the bustling city. The house features a pond in the rear, which is surrounded in various plantings and shielded by palms and foliage that enhance the villa’s tropical atmosphere.


The villa has an open floor plan that accommodates a living and entertaining area that flows into the dining space followed by the kitchen. The living area is matched by a second sitting space that can be closed off with curtains, and both have views facing the pond in the backyard.


Warm woods, streamlined seating, as well as white fabrics add to the villa’s feeling of being a modern beach house on an exotic island. Nonetheless, a few extravagant touches can be found throughout ranging from a crystal chandelier in the kitchen clad in stainless-steel appliances to a glass-enclosed bath featuring luxurious shower fittings.


The master bedroom has the most enchanting décor, which mixes a canopy bed that is dressed in flowy white silk with a traditional-style table with a base that has branch-like legs. Perched on the second floor, the bedroom overlooks the treetops on the property like a treehouse.

Villa-Allegra-by-Oppenheim-6 Villa-Allegra-by-Oppenheim-7 Villa-Allegra-by-Oppenheim-8

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