Piccole Impronte by DesignWerkstatt

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Even tiny little shoes deserve some great design to be displayed on.  In this shoe shop designed for children, Marcello and his Italy-based team from DesignWerksstatt focused entirely on the clients for which the retail store was geared towards.  The modernly fresh concept resulted in both a spot to shop and play for these tiny footprints.


The atmosphere of the store invites fun inside, and includes free-spirited details such as stickers behind the counter, a fauna of wooden animal furniture pieces, and maze-like wall displays for shoes.  Keeping their young customers in mind, the line of chairs were especially designed and basic yet decorative graphics keep the imagination going.  The plywood shapes are iconic animals that children are encouraged and triggered to interact with.


The simple yet vibrant color palette is not the only thing bouncing off the walls.  The collection of animal furniture designed by DesignWerkstatt has become so popular, that the team is already working to expand and update the collection of furniture now limited to seating in the shape of animals for a mass production!


Via…DesignWerksstatt, Interior Design

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