Otter Cover Residence by Sagan Piechota Architecture

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Sigh, oh Carmel.  One of those coastal getaway spots that once you’ve traveled there once, you from then on think it is your very own secret hideaway.  It is in fact however a very popular destination for artists and west coasters alike, as the precious cottage town, rocky cliffs and beach overlooks make it ideal.


The San Francisco-based firm, Sagan Piechota Architecture is responsible for this breath-taking project.  Perched atop a rocky outcrop with panoramic views of the ocean, the home appears as a natural extension of the landscape while resolving competing private and public concerns.  The team choose to split the house into two wings, recessing it into the site and partially underground in order to create a courtyard.  The east wing provides privacy from Highway One and the west wing buffers the ocean wind.  Secondary spaces are located on the lower floor and borrow light from above through three staircases.


In 1999, Daniel Piechota partnered with Loring Sagan to form Sagan Piechota Architecture, with the primary mission to provide people with architecture that connects them with their environment, urban or rural.  With over 100 structures behind them, they are leaving a nice trail of modernly designed spaces to enjoy.

Otter-Cover-Residence-by-Sagan-Piechota-Architecture-4 Otter-Cover-Residence-by-Sagan-Piechota-Architecture-5 Otter-Cover-Residence-by-Sagan-Piechota-Architecture-6 Otter-Cover-Residence-by-Sagan-Piechota-Architecture-7 Otter-Cover-Residence-by-Sagan-Piechota-Architecture-8 Otter-Cover-Residence-by-Sagan-Piechota-Architecture-9 Otter-Cover-Residence-by-Sagan-Piechota-Architecture-10 Otter-Cover-Residence-by-Sagan-Piechota-Architecture-11 Otter-Cover-Residence-by-Sagan-Piechota-Architecture-12

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