HAAZ Design & Art Gallery by GAD

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The recently completed HAAZ Design and Art Gallery is not only a well designed spot dedicated to showcasing a collection of mixed media and design projects, but really and truly is on exhibition itself.  The space welcomes with open arms a wide collection of furniture, design objects and art while at the same time showing off it’s own thoughtfully designed interior and exterior.


The design team of Global Architectural Development (aka GAD) collaborated with the location’s owners Ozlem Avcıoglu and Murat Patavi to develop a concept that worked well in their new Tesyikie district hot spot – which happens to be the most popular and prominent shopping district in Istanbul.  Being the ground and first floors of an attached apartment, the 220sm area needed a renovation.


The main architectural approach was to produce a space that could be broken down or utilized as one large space, but to give a familiar and cozy feeling at the same time.  Materials such as wood and stone were selected, and a space was produced that is now easily flexible for the variety of installations and collections that come and go.

HAAZ-Design-Art-Gallery-by-GAD-6 HAAZ-Design-Art-Gallery-by-GAD-7 HAAZ-Design-Art-Gallery-by-GAD-8 HAAZ-Design-Art-Gallery-by-GAD-9

Via…Global Architectural Development (aka GAD), Interior Design


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