Unfinished Wooden Double Table

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For some reason I like a lot more eating outside and also spending a lot of time in the open. That is why I look out of the window at the snow and I can only imagine what it’s like to have a nice meal on the terrace or in the garden. And, whether I am in the garden, near the woods, in the countryside or in the mountains, I always prefer a simple unfinished wooden table to a fancy one.


This kind of table matches my personality better and I wouldn’t trade it for a golden one. Any way, I found an interesting double table made of unfinished wood for outdoors or maybe for terraces or even indoors if you have a rustic home.It comes from AT-95 and I will tell you a few words about it in a moment.


This table is a bit special because it does not have four legs like any normal table, but it has only two. And since the number of legs were the ones supporting the table weight, now it has only two legs, but designed so as to distribute the whole weight on the two legs that have each three other smaller legs. Actually these three are sort of iron cabriolet styled bases for the table. This stylish base is in total contrast, but also harmony with the wooden tabletop,


Via…AT-95, Furniture Design


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