White Apartment Interior Design by Gudmundur Jonsson

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It is still winter which means that the white season has not left us yet. Outside, everything is white and frozen, things that do not let us forget that it is still winter although the spring is so close.


White is a specific color of this season and Gudmundur Jonsson has chosen the same color for this apartment interior. It is also a color which is appropriate to the place where it is located this apartment, Reykjavik, in Iceland.This color creates a airy, spacious atmosphere. Everything seems at the right place so that you cannot speak of a crowded space.


It is used a minimalist, white and modern furniture which creates the same effect of a spacious, airy apartment.


You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere offered by the calm white interior of this apartment. It may become your oasis of peace where you came and take advantage of it after a tiring, working day.


Via…Gudmundur Jonsson, Home Decor

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