Green Design in a Modern Apartment by Lori Dennis

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If you have an eye for interior decoration you can dare to renovate your apartment and to bring new ideas and concepts to life, but if you can afford it and want to have a modern and nice-looking house, you should ask the opinion of an expert or at least get inspiration from their works.


Lori Dennis is a well-known interior designer and she has succeeded having a name in this world because she had excellent results. One of her projects is called “Urban Vibe” and it focuses mainly on how you can combine eco elements with the modern features of an apartment.


This project shows you how a modern apartment can look like if you combine the right elements – the pieces of furniture and decorations that you can purchase from the web site , everything in a very nice atmosphere, with green plants everywhere and good taste simple decorations.


The nice pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling are so simple and yet delicate looking like nature and the white walls and space created give you the impression that the apartment is “breathing”, full of life . The furniture is simple and there are very few carpets, the whole apartment being minimalist and as natural as possible.

Green-Design-in-a-Modern-Apartment-by-Lori-Dennis-5 Green-Design-in-a-Modern-Apartment-by-Lori-Dennis-6

Via…Lori Dennis, Home Decor

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