MCK Architects’ New House in Sydney

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MCK Architects also known as Marsh Cashman Koolloos have always come up with innovative house designs for their customers and this time they have built a DPR House in Sydney which is certainly unique in its own ways. The house has a unique roofing system which is very different from regular roofs that you find in Sydney.


The white interiors are certainly a treat to watch and all rooms are very spacious and comfortable. The house is designed keeping in mind that people need some good space and atmosphere to ensure that they enjoy being at home and less furniture is used to ensure there is no congested feeling in the house.

MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-3 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-4 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-5 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-6 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-7 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-8 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-9 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-10 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-11 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-12 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-13 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-14 MCK-Architects-New-House-in-Sydney-15

Via…MCK Architects, Room Decor


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