Multifunctional LED Modular Bookcases

In Lighting on October 4, 2011 by Yossawat Tagged: ,

Multifunctional-LED-Modular-Bookcases-1A modern room can get a more sophisticated air if you add a special bookcase. These are not some usual bookcases; they are some LED modular bookcases which have many interesting features. For example they are weather proof and never get hot.They can even be multifunctional. They are made of impermeable polyethylene, a material which allows the cubes to be used as something else too, as for example outdoor drink coolers or as stackable light cubes.


A special atmosphere can be obtained if you think of a color filter which determines that the internal bulb to illuminate in one of several colors: pink, blue, yellow, red.These LED modular bookcases have a modern design and their light create an interesting atmosphere which will impress every guest of your house. Their subtle glow can create a romantic, calm atmosphere and if you choose the colored variant they will create an optimistic, joyful atmosphere.

Via…Opulent Items. Lamp Design

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