Elegant and Comfortable Chair by Desiree Kara

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You came from work and you would like to get rest. You would like some private, peaceful moments just for you and you want a comfortable place, where you can recharge your batteries and feel fresh again. Desiree Kara proposes you an elegant, comfortable chair. It is set on a pedestal, made of leather- upholstered cushions.You can sit very comfortable because it fits your body very nice. You can also rest your feet on a matching pouf which is made of the same materials and set on a pedestal too.


Above this comfortable chair there is a lamp. So, here you can enjoy a nice and quiet lecture where you can read your favorite book, magazine or newspaper peacefully.


Nothing compares with some quiet moments that you can spend in your own peaceful corner where nobody bothers you and can enjoy all your privacy.

Elegant-and-Comfortable-Chair-by-Desiree-Kara-4 Elegant-and-Comfortable-Chair-by-Desiree-Kara-5 Elegant-and-Comfortable-Chair-by-Desiree-Kara-6

Via…Desiree Kara, Furniture Design


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