The Aura Lamp

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All things are automated today and even our clothes and most of the other products are made on industrial scale in specialized factories. But that is exactly why handcrafted things are so much more valuable. They take a lot of time to be made and each of them is carefully caressed and measured and made with love, so I admit I really appreciate these things. So here is something I found while surfing the Internet, looking for a nice lamp for my living room.


This lamp is called “Aura lamp” because it looks just like the aura of the saints we see in the Bible. It casts a gentle and sweet light and is made of rattan, which is an unusual choice of material for a lamp. It is entirely handmade and it can have different dimensions, depending on the customers’ wishes. Of course, the price is different for every lamp, considering the size. The rattan fibers are woven together with a various number of LEDs that will provide enough light for the activity desired in the room.


This original lamp was created and designed by Océane Delain and Béatrice Durandard. It can be used both as a wall lamp or you can hang it from the ceiling, as you can see in the photos. Either way, it’s great work to do such a beautiful work of art with your hands and I wish I had their skills.


Via…Aura Lamp, Lamp Design


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