Modern Apartment for sale in central Stockholm

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This modern and clean apartment is located in the heart of Stockholm and is for sale for around 1.2$ million.Generally all the Swedish houses that we have presented are of a pure white furnished with modern accessories, and this is no exception.On a total of 143 m², the house feature 4 rooms including 2 bedrooms and a kitchen which was renovated in a very clean design with stainless steel appliances, spots and hob and has a pleasant dining room.The interior of the apartment enjoys natural lightand high ceilings.

Modern-Apartment-for-sale-in-central-Stockholm-2 Modern-Apartment-for-sale-in-central-Stockholm-3 Modern-Apartment-for-sale-in-central-Stockholm-4 Modern-Apartment-for-sale-in-central-Stockholm-5 Modern-Apartment-for-sale-in-central-Stockholm-6 Modern-Apartment-for-sale-in-central-Stockholm-7

Via…hemnet, Home Interior


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