The “L” Shape House In Barra da Tijuca by Progetto

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The house was projected in a “L” shape, divided in 2 blocks, the smallest one for leisure activities, and biggest one for outside activities like SPA, barbecue or gymnastics at pool.Designed by Progetto Arquitetura, the house is located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro where is a warm climate.So, the architects choose for the ground floor an completely opened space mixed with garden and other social areas.


The house feature a big living room,home theatre, office all at the ground floor.On the next level we find the bedrooms and the children’s area.In the underground area, the garage, technical areas, storage and cellar.

The-L-Shape-House-In-Barra-da-Tijuca-by-Progetto-3 The-L-Shape-House-In-Barra-da-Tijuca-by-Progetto-4 The-L-Shape-House-In-Barra-da-Tijuca-by-Progetto-5 The-L-Shape-House-In-Barra-da-Tijuca-by-Progetto-6

Via…Progetto Arquitetura, Home Interior


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