The Modern H4 House by BRIO54

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The H4 house is a prototype and can be visited in Milford, Connecticut.The entire project was done by BRIO54 and features 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath model which has been specifically designed for very small spaces, all on 2,171 sq ft.The larg open kitchen offers many dining seatings,built-in serving areas and outdoor spaces “make it an ideal design for entertaining” according to architect.

The-Modern-H4-House-by-BRIO54-2 The-Modern-H4-House-by-BRIO54-3 The-Modern-H4-House-by-BRIO54-4 The-Modern-H4-House-by-BRIO54-5 The-Modern-H4-House-by-BRIO54-6 The-Modern-H4-House-by-BRIO54-7

Via…BRIO54, Home Interior

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