Beautiful Modern Apartment Design in Tokyo

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You are a dreamer, you like to meditate on different things abut life and you are a romantic that can be charmed by lovely views. You are the perfect candidate for this type of apartment in Tokyo.It is located on the thirteenth floor and offers you a wonderful panoramic view of Tokyo.


It is a modern apartment with all the modern technological facilities that you need and a modern design that makes you feel comfortable and enjoy the beautiful décor. For example, in the bathroom there mirrors on both sides and a TV built in the wall.


It is a nice, cozy apartment that will offer you an agreeable and quiet ambience.Although the rooms do not seem to be so spacey they are arranged with good taste elegancy. Almost everywhere you are connected to exterior world although the atmosphere seemed so quiet. The TV is present in places such as:  at the bar and of course in the bathroom.

Beautiful-Modern-Apartment-Design-in-Tokyo-4 Beautiful-Modern-Apartment-Design-in-Tokyo-5 Beautiful-Modern-Apartment-Design-in-Tokyo-6 Beautiful-Modern-Apartment-Design-in-Tokyo-7 Beautiful-Modern-Apartment-Design-in-Tokyo-8

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