Aspen Mountain Residence by Studio B Architects

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The designers from Studio B Architects are responsible for the project Scholl Residence in Aspen, Colorado.The owner of the residence is a collector of photos and art lover, and his dream was to expose them over the house.The lower level it’s like a gallery space, large wine cellar and provides two guest suites with an attached massage room.Also offers a guest bedroom, laundry/mudroom area and the garage.On the upper level there are well framed the living, dining, kitchen, master suite and opens to the balcony and private garden which made a connection with the roof terrace via a cantilevered steel stair.

Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-2 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-3 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-4 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-5 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-6 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-7 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-8 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-9 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-10 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-11 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-12 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-13 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-14 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-15 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-16 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-17 Aspen-Mountain-Residence-by-Studio-B-Architects-18

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