Pixel Oak Wood Dining Set from Contraforma

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Furniture is normally made of wood, but sometimes some designers get innovative and use some special techniques and ideas to obtain remarkable and unique pieces of furniture that you will simply love. One such thing is the dining set made of solid oak from Contraforma.


It’s not unusual to have a dining set made of oak, but it is unusual to make it out of little cubic pieces of oak that look like tiny pixels made of wood. They are combined like the pieces in the puzzle and, even if their individual dimension is really small, the whole picture is great. All these tiny pieces are glued together and combined so as to take the shape of a dining table and chairs.


Considering the fact that all the pieces are only brought together vertically, the table and chairs offer enough solidity for a dining set and each table needs 200 pieces of oak wood to complete, while a chairs requires only 250. It’s amazing to see the wood structure so clearly while using this dining set, as opposed for the moments when you use a solid oak table made of only a piece of wood. Great work and innovation and I really appreciate the idea.

Via…Contraforma, Furniture Design


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