Bloom House by Greg Lynn

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Bloom House is an interesting building where everything strikes you: its design, its furniture, its rooms and its decors.It was designed by the architect Greg Lynn and built for a film and television director in Los Angeles.Its design is simple, with simple lines and is made of concrete. Bloom House has an interior that suites the simplistic building, it is painted in white with modern decors. These simple lines and the white walls create the idea of spacey and practical.


Although it is not a sophisticated house its pieces of furniture create the idea of striking. For example there is an interesting table with the purple eggplant base in one of its rooms or an odd chair that looks like a gold tooth covered by a fur.It is a nice house that will impress any guest that might pay you a visit here.

Bloom-House-by-Greg-Lynn-3 Bloom-House-by-Greg-Lynn-4 Bloom-House-by-Greg-Lynn-5 Bloom-House-by-Greg-Lynn-6 Bloom-House-by-Greg-Lynn-7

Via…Greg Lynn, Amapartment


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