SAYL Chairs from Herman Miller

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I don’t know about you but I simply hate office furniture when it’s summer and hot. All those good looking leather chairs are totally uncomfortable and make you sweat and your skin glues to the shirt and then to the leather chair making you feel totally bad.


Even if you have air conditioning the interaction between the human heat and the chair seat is pretty unpleasant. That is why I have always appreciated a chair that lets your skin breathe, that is comfortable and lightweight, as I am a woman and I do not like carrying heavy things around.


My ideal chair would be the SAYL chair from Herman Miller, by the designer Yves Behar. You can find this kind of chair in many colors, especially red and black and you can purchase it at for $399.  But what makes this chair so special for me? It basically has no frame and it is built on the same basis as suspension bridges. This chair has the whole backseat full of holes and this allows your skin to breathe. That makes it really comfortable.


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