Morph Stool by Formstelle

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Stools are very simple , yet very useful things. The first image of a stool appeared in my mind when my grandma told me stories back when I was a child. Now I use stools when I go to the pub and sit at the bar or when I play the piano or, why not, when I come home after a long day at work and rest my feet on a stool.


But these stools are not the same. They do not even have the same shape. The Morph Stool for example is a great stool with tall elegant feet that was designed by Formstelle and which can be used very well as a bar stool. Its base in in American walnut or solid oak and offers the perfect shape for your back. The back is protected by the short backrest made of the same material.



The base can be made more comfortable, especially if it is designed to support the people for many hours as stools do in bars, and that is why it can be covered with some sort of fabric and even leather. The different kinds of wood used for producing this stool will make it be available in more colors.



Via…Suit New York, Furniture Design


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