Elephant Lounge Chair

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I like trips very much and I love the mountains, so I never spare a chance to go to the mountains. So one year, when I was younger I stayed in a cabin in the woods and the most amazing thing about it was that this cabin was made of wood and all those logs that were used for building it were linked like the pieces in a puzzle, without using so much as a nail.


So they had special carved ditches that fitted perfectly the ditches on the other piece of wood, so they had to be a bit forced onto each other and then this would be the best connection ever. I remembered all these things when I saw the Elephant lounge chair by Mediodesign on the Internet, as it, too, is made of many wood pieces that must be assembled as a puzzle, resulting a pretty nice and comfortable lounge chair.


The name of this chair is a hint of  “The Elephant”, a unique and unusual sculpture chair designed by American designers Charles and Ray Eames in 1945. But the Elephant lounge chair is made of birch plywood and it was intended to make use of the material as much as possible , so as to avoid waste. It  is now available in two different kins of wood, hence of color, too.

Elephant-Lounge-Chair-4 Elephant-Lounge-Chair-5 Elephant-Lounge-Chair-6

Via…Mediodesign, Furniture Design


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