The Mountain Gunderson House by WRB

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The Gunderson House is a project done by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff Architects and it’s located in Haugesund, Norway. The house offer beautiful views through big windows over the bay. The interior is one made from neutral shades giving a dark sensation, but thanks for the big windows again and for the fireplace.


Again, the kitchen implemented a bright, smooth and compact look having all the gadgets for kitchen hidden in shelves to create the effect of monotony without unnecessary screaming accents.  Overall the interior of the house have a mountain look with few bohemian elements.Stay tunned because I will going to show you more projects from WRB.

The-Mountain-Gunderson-House-by-WRB-3 The-Mountain-Gunderson-House-by-WRB-4 The-Mountain-Gunderson-House-by-WRB-5 The-Mountain-Gunderson-House-by-WRB-6 The-Mountain-Gunderson-House-by-WRB-7 The-Mountain-Gunderson-House-by-WRB-8

Via…Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff Architects, Amapartment


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