An Interesting Coffee Table by Charlie Davidson

In Furniture on September 14, 2011 by Yossawat Tagged: , ,


Sometimes we think of time as our friend or our enemy. It depends on situation. If it is something that you need to forget or you wait for something nice to happen then it becomes our friend. If you think that we are mortals and we get older and older then it becomes our enemy.


Our life seems to be like a race against chronometer. Time is ticking and we have the feeling that we cannot manage to do everything we have had in our mind.This peppered coffee table is designed by Charlie Davidson. It resembles a clepsydra. It has the same shape.It makes you think of the passing time while you drink your coffee. You cannot stop it, but you can enjoy your coffee and think of all the nice things that you did and that you can do it.

Via…Charlie Davidson, Furniture Design


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