Brouwersgrach Loft by CUBE Architecture & SOLUZ Architecture

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When Remco Wilcke of CUBE Architecture and his partner Marloes van Heteren of SOLUZ Architecture found their current home in the center of Amsterdam it was still an old warehouse.  According to the city the space was zoned only for work, but when the two submitted plans to convert the warehouse into a ground floor luxury loft they were given free reign over the long 2,000 square foot space.


The first thing the couple did was lighten up the dark space by opening up pieces of the wall that separated one side of the loft from the other.  This created additional flow in the space, allowing any daylight that filtered in through the windows to see the rest of the mostly open floor plan.


From there all the design work was a simple matter of balance.  The duo added minimalistic details to the loft space while preserving its factory essence.  The beams and floors are preserved beautifully alongside a brand new kitchen and neatly arranged pieces of furniture.


The home’s centerpiece (both literally and figuratively), is its the bathroom.  It sits between the public and private spaces in the center of the floor plan like a lit beacon at night, but stays somewhat lit during the day because of the semi-transparent walls that surround the modular design.


To make the walls, 1,000 IKEA glass vases were painted white from the inside and pieced together with transparent glue.  The result is beautiful, walking the line between stability and fragility as well as old and new.

Brouwersgrach-Loft-by-CUBE-Architecture-SOLUZ-Architecture-6 Brouwersgrach-Loft-by-CUBE-Architecture-SOLUZ-Architecture-7 Brouwersgrach-Loft-by-CUBE-Architecture-SOLUZ-Architecture-8 Brouwersgrach-Loft-by-CUBE-Architecture-SOLUZ-Architecture-9

Via…SOLUZ Architecture, Amapartment


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