The Met Hotel by Zeppos Georgiadi Architects

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Something quite bat cave and futuristic with this hotel interior, yet I am pretty sure I would consider moving into the lobby area if the opportunity presented itself.  The darkly muted palette of grays and blacks starts to appear cozy and warm with its contrast of white and unexpected pops of color.


Located in on the harbor of Thessaloniki, Greece, The Met Hotel’s interior was designed by Zeppos Georgiades + Associates while the gourmet Chan Restaurant inside was designed by Australian Designer Andy Martin.


The innovative and modern design was completed in 2009, the luxurious business and leisure hotel hosts 212 guestrooms and suites, 13 meeting rooms, atmospheric bars, spa, VIP lounge, to mention a few.  Time to start considering  your designation vacation!


Zeppos Georgiades + Associates architectural design office, was founded byTasos Zeppos andEleni Georgiades in 1981.  Presently, the firm employs 20 regular members of staff, among which are architects, landscape architects, interior designers and draftsmen.


The company specializes in the design of hotels, residences, offices, stores, and exhibition spaces.  ZEGE’s work is internationally acclaimed for its distinctive creative style, which is contemporary, innovative, qualitative and anthropocentric.

The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-6 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-7 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-8 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-9 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-10 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-11 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-12 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-13 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-14 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-15 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-16 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-17 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-18 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-19 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-20 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-21 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-22 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-23 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-24 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-25 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-26 The-Met-Hotel-by-Zeppos-Georgiadi-Architects-27

Via…The Met Hotel, Zeppos Georgiades + Associates, Amapartment


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