Record House by David Jameson Architects

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In 1969, Architectural Record, the insider and go-to source for industry news, published an article on twenty extraordinary architect-designed houses that had been selected for awards of excellence based on design and innovation.


One of the buildings featured was this house designed by David Jameson Architects. Fast forward four decades later the owners have sold the house to a young couple under conditions that the new dwellers respect the structure’s original framework.


While the core design of the two-story house was retained, the interior was renovated and altered to make the overall space more airy and contemporary. Walls that defined specific rooms were removed, floor-to-ceiling windows were installed, and the floor plan was opened up so that views of the surrounding woodlands can be seen throughout the house


With the redesigned layout, the living and dining areas as well as the kitchen line one side of the upper level that opens onto the terrace. The bedroom and bath take over the lower level.


Walnut is used for all of the hidden cabinets that have been installed within columns that act as semi-dividers for some of the spaces, and the preexisting painted brick fireplace and plaster ceiling were retained.


Corian was used for surfaces in the kitchen, mudroom, and bath. The contrast in smooth and rough textures is highly pronounced, creating a visual juxtaposition that adds to the house’s modern and streamlined look.

Record-House-by-David-Jameson-Architects-7 Record-House-by-David-Jameson-Architects-8 Record-House-by-David-Jameson-Architects-9 Record-House-by-David-Jameson-Architects-10 Record-House-by-David-Jameson-Architects-11 Record-House-by-David-Jameson-Architects-12

Via…David Jameson Architects, Amapartment


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