The Nook Chair by Henry Sgourakis

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The Nook Chair by Henry Sgourakis-1

Australia-based industrial designer Henry Sgourakis has designed and handcrafted the NOOK chair & stool. “….When I think back to my childhood, my fondest thoughts are of running through my grandma’s house playing hide & seek. (the big post-war house on 3 acres of Australian bushland in outer Melbourne) I remember the mottled colours of the 50’s decor and, in stand-out white, the cro-cheted lacework doilies that decorated the sofa arms and the coffee table.

The Nook Chair by Henry Sgourakis-2

(and well most surfaces in the room) I wanted to create a piece that drew on such warm memories, and would evoke the warm and comforting sensations felt as a child, reminding me of the simplicity of life as it was. In a world where technology seems to almost dictate our existence and when our childhood feels like a different lifetime, it is important to me to remember the past and carry those memories into the future, the beauty of this hand-crafted piece does just that….” (From the designer)


The Nook Chair by Henry Sgourakis-3

Via…Henry Sgourakis, Furniture Design


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