Sunshine Beach Residence by Sparks Architects

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Located atop a sandy dune along the Australian coast overlooking Sunshine Beach, this breezy beach house built by Dan Sparks of Sparks Architects is highlighted by its innovative, forward-thinking structural design and mod interiors.


The homeowners desired a functional and self-sufficient building that also fully catered to family life. At the same time, they wanted to minimize the visual bulk of the house, so Sparks obscured the home by building a large portion of the interior underground.


The resulting home consists of three levels, each with a living area on the eastern end and bedrooms on the opposite western section. The two lower levels are submerged below ground so inventive design measures were implemented to ensure that sufficient natural light, heat, and ventilation reached all floors. A vertical light and ventilation shaft that extends up through the house was installed in addition to skylights, glass floors, and pivoting vents.


Materials and furnishings used for the interior were given careful thought, beginning with walls made of recycled marble dust, recycled glass, and natural clay. Within the walls and underfoot throughout the house, storage is smartly incorporated and tucked away from view.


Durable wood flooring is used throughout the house and the outdoor decks, walls are kept stark white, countertops are made of stainless steel, and all the seating and tables sport clean-lined, fuss-free forms. Especially captivating are the floating platform beds and bedside tables, which are lit from beneath and appear in all the sleeping quarters.


And as there’s no such thing as excessive luxury, there’s also a glass-encased rooftop pool…with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

Sunshine-Beach-Residence-by-Sparks-Architects-7 Sunshine-Beach-Residence-by-Sparks-Architects-8 Sunshine-Beach-Residence-by-Sparks-Architects-9 Sunshine-Beach-Residence-by-Sparks-Architects-10 Sunshine-Beach-Residence-by-Sparks-Architects-11

Via…Sparks Architects, Amapartment


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