Mediterranean Inspired Apartment by Andrey Zyomko

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When clients are able to trust the vision and bigger scope of what a design project truly has the potential to become, a designer is then able to do what they have been trained and innately do best – create an overall experience.  With the foresight of Andrey Zyomko, the former technical space went above anyone’s expectations.


Found below the client’s flat, the space was not first seen as desirable due to the low ceiling height.  As the designer started to build 3D models, both the client and Zyomko realized what a diamond in the rough they had in their possession.


Merging the two spaces allowed for the creation of a two story apartment (210 sqm) with a traditional yet modern ambiance utilizing natural materials such as wood, stone, and metals.  With the additional use of primary white and interesting architecture such as the spiral staircase, asymmetrical bookshelf, and chandelier above the fireplace – the apartment serves as both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing – bringing a smile to this girl’s face.


In the master bathroom, an old brick wall matched with a pale dark blue provides a perfect backdrop for accessories.  Fresh green plants are used throughout, bringing in a little Mediterranean inspiration, and add to the color palette throughout the entire space.


The kitchen is simply stunning, as the presence of wall tiles adds additional subtle color and texture to the room.  The ingenious idea of storing the kitchen appliances under the staircase improves the cooking experience and allows the metal, wood and stone pattern to stay consistent.


Overall, each material and accessory was thoughtfully selected and creates a chic residence for its lucky owner.

Mediterranean-Inspired-Apartment-by-Andrey-Zyomko-7 Mediterranean-Inspired-Apartment-by-Andrey-Zyomko-8 Mediterranean-Inspired-Apartment-by-Andrey-Zyomko-9 Mediterranean-Inspired-Apartment-by-Andrey-Zyomko-10 Mediterranean-Inspired-Apartment-by-Andrey-Zyomko-11 Mediterranean-Inspired-Apartment-by-Andrey-Zyomko-12 Mediterranean-Inspired-Apartment-by-Andrey-Zyomko-13 Mediterranean-Inspired-Apartment-by-Andrey-Zyomko-14 Mediterranean-Inspired-Apartment-by-Andrey-Zyomko-15

Via…Andrey Zyomko, Amapartment

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