Villa by VASD Architects

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Dutch architects Vasd have sent us another one of their beautiful creations. This 1930s house has been completely refurbished after a bad renovation. While inside everything was stripped and redecorated, outside great care was taken to restore the period features.


These included the narrow windows with steel window frames, which were returned to their original state. Extra windows were also added to doors and walls, affording outside views from all angles inside.Villa-by-VASD-Architects-3

Every detail has been taken into account: the walls and ceiling merge seamlessly with the window frames and the ceiling even flows smoothly from inside to outside, where it joins the exterior roof overhang. Doors open out onto the outdoor terrace on the garden side. This has changed the entire focus of the house from the busy road in front to the sunny back garden.

Villa-by-VASD-Architects-4 Villa-by-VASD-Architects-5 Villa-by-VASD-Architects-6 Villa-by-VASD-Architects-7 Villa-by-VASD-Architects-8

Via…Vasd, Fiz House

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