Modern Fold Place House by Linebox Studio

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Step into Ottowa Canada’s Modern Fold House and you might be inclined to mention its clean lines or describe the space as light, private, and open. What you wouldn’t think to mention though, is the 20 by 60 foot lot where the home was built.


Although 20 feet feels more like the width of a studio than an actual home, the architect at Linebox Studio uses this property to practically reverse traditional notions of space. Modern Fold Place feels perfectly cosy but it’s also contemporary and open, like modern luxury of the highest caliber.


Built as a 2,400 square foot live/work space, every open area seems to boast a special kind of flexibility.  Rooms are separated by how they are being used at any particular moment, and details that bend and overlap into one another create the feeling that the home could be modified to suit the owner.


Linebox Studios extends this folding principle into everything from clever indoor window gardens that feel like zen spaces to the open kitchen that flows into the rest of the ground floor with ease.


Light colored walls, translucent screens, wood flooring, and the repeated use of charcoal colored bathroom tiles give the home an appealing interior uniformity.  A similar aesthetic is applied to the exterior of the home where wood paneling meets light colored stuccoing and a glass garage door gives onlookers an idea of what’s inside.


The furnished rooftop at the top level completes the home, pulling the aesthetics from the rest of the home and finishing off the home with one last sweep of wonderfully satisfying flexibility.  It seems this home was built for everything and it succeeds in doing everything well.

Modern-Fold-Place-House-by-Linebox-Studio-7 Modern-Fold-Place-House-by-Linebox-Studio-8

Via….Linebox Studio, Amapartment


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