Bangkok University Creative Center by Supermachine Studio

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Decorators say, “When in doubt, paint it out.” And we believe it. It’s really as simple as that. Adding paint to the floors and walls is one of the oldest and most efficient design tricks that can immediately freshen up a space. At the newly completed Creative Center inside Bangkok University, the local design firm Supermachine Studio used bold colors and patterns to give the overall space maximum visual impact.


The 6,458-square-feet center takes over two floors inside the four-story high Bangkok University, which was designed by the firm 49 Group (also locally based).


According to one of the four architects that make up Supermachine Studio, the Thai government has been trying to move the country’s economy beyond the agricultural and industrial fields to include more creativity-driven industries.


The Bangkok University center was the perfect place for them to start, thus it was important that the Supermachine team designed a space that would visually reflect the center’s goal to encourage creativity.


The resulting space is clad with eye-popping hot-pink and acid-green walls along with a graphic black-and-white stripe floor. The center has an open layout that includes a library, exhibition area, office, and a student workshop that is housed in a bright green trailer-like structure.


At the entrance, the firm designed large multi-color geometric plastic balls that can be turned and rotated along the bright pink wall. Truly bold touches.

Bangkok-University-Creative-Center-by-Supermachine-Studio-7 Bangkok-University-Creative-Center-by-Supermachine-Studio-8

Via…Supermachine Studio, Luxame


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