Barcelo Ravel Hotel by Jordi Gali

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Try taking your eyes off of this Alice in Wonderland like space – chances are that if I were walking past, I would walk straight into the glass out of sheer amazement and awe.  The ceiling of the Barcelo Raval hotel by Jordi Gali is one of the most uniquely designed ones I have ever seen, as it features 2200 Basotect ceiling cylinders made from BASF’s flexible melamine resin foam.


To be a tad more specific – Basotect is flexible, open cell foam made from melamine resin and has multiple design worthy properties, including high sound-absorption capacity, flame-retardant characteristics, high-temperature resistance, low weight and thermal insulation.


The product is used in a variety of applications and industries (i.e. construction & industry, automotive, transportation and consumer i.e. cleaning), and it can be installed quickly and simply since it is lightweight and free of mineral fibers.


So with all of these scientific and intriguing qualities, Basotect’s low weight, sound absorption properties and ability to be manufactured in different shapes made it an obvious material choice for the ceiling design of the hotel lobby.  With a restaurant and bar residing in the hotel lobby, the sound-absorbing qualities of the product were instrumental in improving speech intelligibility at the hotel check-in area


The inherent light weight characteristic meant that it was possible to create free-floating cylindrical elements within the overall space.

Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-6 Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-7 Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-8 Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-9 Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-10 Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-11 Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-12 Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-13 Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-14 Barcelo-Ravel-Hotel-by-Jordi-Gali-15

Via…Jordi Gali, BASF, Amapartment

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