My Squash Sports Club by Kreacja Przestrzeni Studio

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Nothing is more soothing and relaxing than a calm white space where your mind can rest and you’re basically pampered. Such is the clean-lined and pristine sports club My Squash, which was conceived by the Polish designer Kreacja Przestrzeni.


The bright white children-friendly space is fully equipped with six squash courts, which line one side of the club, and rooms for yoga, dance, and aerobics, as well as a bar, restaurant, and expansive lounge area.


Przestrzeni’s goal was to create a minimalist haven for ultra relaxation and a place where people would want to stretch out, indulge, and stay for an extended period of time.


Thus, the furnishings are kept fuss-free and modern, featuring streamlined upholstered sofas, lounge, chairs, and tables, which are all laid out across a glossy white resin floor.


The unique globe-shaped lighting fixtures are one of the most intriguing design elements inside the sports club. Fitted with numerous light bulbs that look like floating orbs, the round lights are contemporary, simple, and nonetheless striking. My-Squash-Sports-Club-by-Kreacja-Przestrzeni-Studio-4

A brightly lit bar, which is illuminated by neon blue lights, brings a slightly retro vibe to the overall space as do the contemporary tables and sculptural chairs in the dining area.

Via…Kreacja Przestrzeni, Guz Living


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