Cube House by Arquitectura en Movimiento

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The Cube House in Juarez, Mexico by Arquitectura en Movimiento is a modern and minimalist Home. The concept of a courtyard as an element of spatial and emotional transition is the premise of this conceptual design, again taking four natural elements, water, fire, air and earth. The architectural composition exploits this open welcoming space and progresses harmoniously within the constraints of the architectural program.


The visual connection between the exterior and interior generates a sensory pleasure in each space. This includes a visual sense of play between light and shadow that transforms the horizontal and vertical dimensions into a gently emotive spectacle.


The habitable spaces incorporate a seamless transition from the exterior courtyards and ultimately the design of the house was made with a holistic approach rather the floor plans being mutually exclusive. It can be thought of as the courtyard being a vacuum and the rooms as solid mass, thus achieving an equilibrium of both spatial elements.


The main facade is a reflection and manifestation of the concept in general, in which larger constructs form the entryway. The remaining spaces achieve a sense of lightness and balance between organic and inorganic structures. The materials used in the construction, as well as the neutral colors, were selected to optimize the exploitation of natural resources, and to respect the ‘feel’ of the locality’s environment.


Therefore, and in part due to the thermal necessities of the location. We have utilized, where possible, natural ventilation and illumination, satisfying the need for and reducing the use of air conditioning and heating, except in extreme circumstances.

Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-6 Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-7 Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-8 Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-9 Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-10 Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-11 Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-12 Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-13 Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-14 Cube-House-by-Arquitectura-en-Movimiento-15

Via…Arquitectura en Movimiento, Design Fitt


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