Organic and innovative Dune bench

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Dune is an innovative and artistic solution for urban furniture. Based on the technology of 3d deformed fiber cement, the Dune chair prides a support capacity of around 900 kg.


Rainer Mutsch has designed this “highly modular and indefinitely expandable” piece taking a variety of aspects into account, from technology to ergonomics to eco friendliness. The result is this synergetic and organic object of furniture, with the soft and refined appearance of upholstered living room furniture and the possibility to integrate plants.


The possibility of the integration of plants offers an additional possibility to create shadow and to further customize the space.

Organic-and-innovative-Dune-bench-4 Organic-and-innovative-Dune-bench-5 Organic-and-innovative-Dune-bench-6 Organic-and-innovative-Dune-bench-7 Organic-and-innovative-Dune-bench-8 Organic-and-innovative-Dune-bench-9 Organic-and-innovative-Dune-bench-10 Organic-and-innovative-Dune-bench-11 Organic-and-innovative-Dune-bench-12

Via…Rainer Mutsch, Furniture Design


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