Marvellous cliff top house in Palos Verdes

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This dreamy residence by Marmol Radziner Architecture is located on a green cliff top overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With an orthogonal core of overlapping and prolongued walls and planes and a backyard pool, the fantastic California residence prides on the use of splendid warm hued materials and airy, comfortable rooms with maximum lighting ensuring relaxation.


Also remarkable are the rustic wooden beams at sight and the elegant landscaping. The focal and most uncommon point is the volume that cantilevers out of the concrete core toward the cliff, with the poetic accent of a sinuous roof.

Marvellous-cliff-top-house-in-Palos-Verdes-3 Marvellous-cliff-top-house-in-Palos-Verdes-4 Marvellous-cliff-top-house-in-Palos-Verdes-5 Marvellous-cliff-top-house-in-Palos-Verdes-6 Marvellous-cliff-top-house-in-Palos-Verdes-7 Marvellous-cliff-top-house-in-Palos-Verdes-8 Marvellous-cliff-top-house-in-Palos-Verdes-9

Via…Marmol Radziner Architecture, Luxame

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