Futuristic Villa F in Vienna, by Najjar & Najjar

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Villa F is the mind-blowing futurisric home of an IT Entepreneur, located in Vienna and designed by Najjar & Najjar architects.


The owner, an enthusiast for Mac computer design and Lamborginis, had his house reflect his passions and accommodate the latest trends in home technologies. To name a few,  Plasma TV s seemingly grow from furniture, a large aquarium is embedded in the wall and the sound systems and LED lighting are activated through a mouse click.


The work area is seamlessly connected with a lounge area and kitchen. The inclined walls with  computer generated graphics instead of pictures, the diagonal edges with their sense of speed, the floors of the sleek and shiny corian, a composite of fiberglass and marble powder, give this home a spaceship feel.  It is disturbing and exciting, but then again, it probably never was intended to feel homey.

Futuristic-Villa-F-in-Vienna-by-Najjar-Najjar-4 Futuristic-Villa-F-in-Vienna-by-Najjar-Najjar-5 Futuristic-Villa-F-in-Vienna-by-Najjar-Najjar-6 Futuristic-Villa-F-in-Vienna-by-Najjar-Najjar-7 Futuristic-Villa-F-in-Vienna-by-Najjar-Najjar-8 Futuristic-Villa-F-in-Vienna-by-Najjar-Najjar-9 Futuristic-Villa-F-in-Vienna-by-Najjar-Najjar-10

Via…Najjar & Najjar, Fiz House

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