Contemporary apartment in Sao Paulo shared by father and son

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Piratininga Arquitetos Associados designed an apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for a father and his son. The clients wanted a space that they can share, a space that reflected their lifestyle and gave it an inspiring feeling of comfort and luxury.


Separated into two distinct living spaces, the apartment was totally reconfigured: the son´s living space corresponds to the former utility area and the father´s area occupies the former bedrooms. The shared living space contains the equipment storage, pantry, library, refrigerators, television sets and bathrooms.


An interesting feature is the beautiful ceiling made from hollow concrete cubes – this detail sets the tone for the bachelor pad. Wood and concrete sit at the base of the design while personal items decorate a contemporary space.

Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-4 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-5 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-6 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-7 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-8 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-9 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-10 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-11 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-12 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-13 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-14 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-15 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-16 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-17 Contemporary-apartment-in-Sao-Paulo-shared-by-father-and-son-18

Via…Piratininga Arquitetos Associados, Amapartment


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