Project HAUS by Alexander Lotersztain

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Alexander Lotersztain has created these ‘space within space’ conversation pods inspired by the fairytale ‘three little pigs’.


The outcome of the houses is however different than the story: 3 modern pieces of compact urban furniture, open enclaves meant to constitute venues for gathering, exchanging ideas, talking during the Unlimited Asia Pacific Design Triennal in Brisbane, Australia.



Identical in shape and structure to one another, each ”house” was intended as a unique, compact creation in materiality and  texture. Clad in sleek blonde wood, glamourous black mosaic tiles or fluid minimalistic white, equipped with light installations by Euroluce lighting, the HAUS project by Lotersztain gracefully embodies the idea of ‘creating a place’ in a social context.


Project-HAUS-by-Alexander-Lotersztain-4 Project-HAUS-by-Alexander-Lotersztain-5 Project-HAUS-by-Alexander-Lotersztain-6

Via…Alexander Lotersztain, Furniture Design

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