Fabulous Brentwood Residence in Santa Monica

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Located on the foothills of Santa Monica mountain and poetically conceived to focus on a majestic oak tree on the site, this splendid residence by Belzberg Architects is a mixture of Los Angeles luxury and classic mid-century design.


The open volumes feature overlapping slabs finished in minimalistic white, with pathways dissolving and reappearing on the layout and separating the formal living area from the informal spaces. The assymmetrical volumes offer unexpected angles of sight and are generously lit through floor to ceiling windows.


Remarkable are not only the modern artworks and scintillating light installations, but also the the interior finishes, rich brown Mangaris wood for the light flooded staircase, grey marble for the kitchen, dreamy Pennsylvania bluestone for the living room.

Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-4 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-5 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-6 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-7 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-9 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-10   Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-11 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-12 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-13 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-14 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-15 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-16 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-17 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-18 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-19 Fabulous-Brentwood-Residence-in-Santa-Monica-20

Via…Belzberg Architects, Design Fitt


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