Contemporary home with gorgeous panoramas of Lake Austin and Mount Bonnell

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Bercy Chen Studio took on a project that ended up being one of the most beautiful reconstructions on Lake Austin. The Peninsula Residence started out as a 1980’s home-builder house on the banks of Lake Austin.


By rearranging the home, the architects were able to access a beautiful panorama of the lake and Mount Bonnell. Glass and steel were added to the old structure to support the new vision.


The newly added pool establishes a strong connexion between the outside and the inside, while the solarium and vegetative roof accentuate the eco-friendly elements of this reinvented home.


The interior of the house keeps the same contemporary lines that were used to give the exterior serenity and playfulness. Natural colours intertwine with bold shapes and lights to create unique living areas and the sun comes in from every large window to warm up the place.

Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-5 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-6 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-7 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-8 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-9 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-10 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-11 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-12 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-13 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-14 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-15 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-16 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-17 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-18 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-19 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-20 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-21 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-22 Contemporary-home-of-Lake-Austin-and-Mount-Bonnell-23

Via…Bercy Chen Studio, Amapartment


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