White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona by ARQUITECTURA-G

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Beautifully renovated, this apartment in Barcelona mixes striking white interiors with colourful splashes here and there. Arquitectura-G did a splendid job on remodeling the interior of this 160 square meter apartment.


The old doors connecting almost all the rooms was used by the architects to create an open space that links all the rooms in a flexible space. The new bathroom is the result of connecting two old ones with a hallway while the kitchen was restored in a larger room, with industrial designs reigning over a modern tile wall.


All the doors in the apartment are double leaf doors, kept in place or repurposed and used to open up the space. All the rooms have a strong connection with each other through the use of the doors, the interior designed chosen and the colours that gently absorb light and let the sunshine reach every corner.

White-Renovated-Apartment-in-Barcelona-by-ARQUITECTURA-G-4 White-Renovated-Apartment-in-Barcelona-by-ARQUITECTURA-G-5 White-Renovated-Apartment-in-Barcelona-by-ARQUITECTURA-G-6 White-Renovated-Apartment-in-Barcelona-by-ARQUITECTURA-G-7 White-Renovated-Apartment-in-Barcelona-by-ARQUITECTURA-G-8 White-Renovated-Apartment-in-Barcelona-by-ARQUITECTURA-G-9 White-Renovated-Apartment-in-Barcelona-by-ARQUITECTURA-G-10

Via…Arquitectura-G, Guz Living


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