Sunset Plaza Residence by Assembledge+

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Overlooking the City of Angels high up in the Hollywood Hills, the Sunset Plaza Residence designed by David Thompson of the firm Assembledge+ draws inspiration from the Schindler House and the buildings by Neutra and Maston. At the same time, the Sunset Plaza home aims to expand on the architectural style defined by these modernist structures.


The two-story house was built for a single family, and the building occupies 5,600 square feet on a 13,000-square-foot property atop a cliff that offers breathtaking views of the city below.


It was important to incorporate the dramatic views into the overall design of the house so all of the rooms in the building were created as a series of indoor-outdoor spaces, which give the home a bungalow-style appearance.


Assembledge+, an award-winning firm, was the ideal choice for this project as the studio is adept at executing innovative yet highly practical designs that are attuned to Southern California’s temperate climates.


The ground floor of the building houses the living, dining, and entertaining areas as well as the kitchen, and the second floor consists of the bedrooms and baths. Stained wood cabinetry and high-gloss floors are matched with luxurious upholstered furnishings and vivid modern art.


Nestled amid lush foliage the street façade of the house is dominated by wood and frosted glass while the back of the building is anchored by a number of terraces and pools that have picture-perfect views of the awe-inspiring city skyline and beyond.

Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-7 Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-8 Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-9 Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-10 Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-11 Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-12 Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-13 Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-14 Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-15 Sunset-Plaza-Residence-by-Assembledge-16

Via…Assembledge+, Fiz House

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