R House Bellevue Hill by Bruce Stafford Architects

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Planes is the name of the game with this modern dream home, as it contains many of them that beautifully play off of each other to create one eye-catching space. From the first street view, it is clear that this home has something special inside.


Bruce Stafford Architects, the Sydney, Australia based design team took on this large scale project.  Situated on a large site, at the end of a long battle axe, this home’s scale is hidden from the street and is articulated to preserve the views of its many neighbors. 


A high curved cedar clad wall guides the visitor up a railway sleeper path to the over sized front door which is placed centrally in the planning of this large home.  Most rooms are orientated towards the northerly views and are fronted by deep terraces which flow onto the broad lawn and long, infinity edge pool.


One step inside, and the open floor plan allows for the changes in ceiling and floor planes to be part of the décor.  The neutral palette and modern yet cozy furnishing make this a very livable place to rest at night.  Although it’s possible you’ll get caught relaxing in the kitchen and living room next to the fireplace, that you won’t get around to see much else!

R-House-Bellevue-Hill-by-Bruce-Stafford-Architects-5 R-House-Bellevue-Hill-by-Bruce-Stafford-Architects-6 R-House-Bellevue-Hill-by-Bruce-Stafford-Architects-7 R-House-Bellevue-Hill-by-Bruce-Stafford-Architects-8 R-House-Bellevue-Hill-by-Bruce-Stafford-Architects-9 R-House-Bellevue-Hill-by-Bruce-Stafford-Architects-10

Via…Bruce Stafford Architects, Amapartment


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