LBJ Retreat by Dick Clark Architecture

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The stunning Lake LBJ Retreat by Dick Clark Architecture is a 3,000 square foot (280 square meter) vacation home located an hour and half northwest of Austin, Texas. The project is sits on the heart of a small peninsula that projects onto Lake LBJ.


During the second half of the 20th century the site was used as a private fishing camp. After spending some time in an existing house, located on the land, our clients requested that we create a new space that supported their evolving lifestyle.


The site’s previous life as a fish camp served as design inspiration for the project. Influences from the site direct a design vision that focuses upon exterior circulation patterns and moments of outdoor living. Expansive views, wind patterns and an existing tree canopy serve as crucial influences in the project’s design development.


These elements encourage an experience that makes a connection with the outdoors as often as possible. Project materials were selected based upon the evolution of vernacular for a cabin on the lake.


Durability and permanence were important requirements for the final material selections. Material choices include board form cast in place concrete, exposed steel structural members, Rheinzink metal siding and ipe siding.

LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-6 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-7 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-8 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-9 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-10 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-11 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-12 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-13 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-14 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-15 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-16 LBJ-Retreat-by-Dick-Clark-Architecture-17

Via…Dick Clark Architecture, Guz Living


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