Art House by De Leon Primmer Architecture Workshop

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Louisville, Kentucky based Art House is exactly what it sounds like, a project in architecture that combines the fine aesthetic of a gallery with the comfortable design of what it means to feel at home.


Art House was built in 1970 but when the young couple who owns it now decided it was time to renovate, they a design that would showcase their art with a warm, crisp beauty.  De Leon Primmer Architecture Workshop achieved the couple’s desires with a subtle realignment of the existing interior spaces.


The result is a light and airy home that feels bright through a carefully constructed filtering system so as not to expose the couple’s fine art to direct sunlight.  Central walls in the home create a new spine for art with veneer paneling and bridge elements designed to create a kind of uniformity between the staircase and partition wall between the kitchen and dining areas.


These gallery spaces thread themselves throughout the home against a white, unifying color palette.  Adjustable lighting and hinged panels within the walls between the kitchen and dining room create a kind of versatility that’s craft-like in their own way.  Materially,


Art House is restrained in the way that employs materials, but the feeling of the home itself is nothing but understated luxury.  This is a home where the art does the talking.

Art-House-by-De-Leon-Primmer-Architecture-Workshop-6 Art-House-by-De-Leon-Primmer-Architecture-Workshop-7 Art-House-by-De-Leon-Primmer-Architecture-Workshop-8 Art-House-by-De-Leon-Primmer-Architecture-Workshop-9

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