Oasis Club by PAL Design

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There’s a private membership club in Chengdu, China that feels like a space-age cross between a day spa and someone’s ideal vision of Disneyland for adults.  Targeted at young professionals, the 25,000 square meter space joins private suites with cafeteria spaces and a spa facility to achieve a luxury space with a design worth gawking at.


The entirety of Oasis Club is enclosed in a massive glass building that features floating spherical spike lights, but the and the club itself stands out from the adjoining residential area with a floor to ceiling waved design that looks like a modern interpretation of Gaudi.


The exterior of the club is predominately white, but the rest of the Oasis Club demands more daring colors.  Navy blue, lake green, orange, yellow and purple all play a role in PAL Design’s of the club, and wherever a light color abounds, there’s always a bolder shade in waiting.


No space is the same in Oasis Club, and waves evolve into spiraled shapes that feel endless and trendy while achieving an overall aura of calm. The treatment zone on the third floor alone boasts 16 individualized areas intentionally designed to mimic a labyrinth, and the VIP treatment room (which is open exclusively to residents features eight more treatment rooms of luxury.


Different aspects of the Oasis Club bring to mind waves in the sea and trendy and contemporary nontraditional spaces, but one theme is always apparent.  PAL Design is impeccable in the way that they create a sense of balance in the private club, combining a sophisticated sense of luxury with youthful playfulness in architecture and daring individualized rooms. 


It would take weeks to truly appreciate the intricate details of this design, even if you don’t stop wherever you can for a jacuzzi, spa treatment, or a wonderful bite to eat.

Oasis-Club-by-PAL-Design-7 Oasis-Club-by-PAL-Design-8 Oasis-Club-by-PAL-Design-9

Via…PAL Design, Guz Living

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