House in Pozuelo de Alarcón by A-cero Architects

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A-cero recently completed a new construction of a modern architectural residence in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain . The home’s structure is made of several volumes, blocks and plates to create not only a home, but also a sculptural work of art.


The Family House, which sits in one of the wealthiest towns of Madrid, Las Rozas, is built out of a slight slope in the landscape.


There are three floors: a basement, ground floor and first floor. The ground floor houses the more social rooms including the living room, lounge and dining room. To connect the ground level to the other floors above and below, there is a main stairwell and even an elevator for the ultimate convenience.


The first floor, or upper level, features the private quarters with bedrooms, bathrooms, a guestroom, living room, study and library. In the basement are facility rooms, including a storage room, a room for garden tools and bicycles, an interior swimming pool, in-home gym, sauna, massage therapy room, movie theater and cellar.


The contemporary interior design of this great home displays beige marble, white walls and ceilings, to create a bright, clear and spacious interior to reflect the white exterior of the home. With so much space and luxury home amenities, this is the perfect place to both live and also entertain family and friends.

House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-6 House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-7 House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-8 House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-9 House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-10 House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-11 House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-12 House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-13 House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-14 House-in-Pozuelo-de-Alarcn-by-A-cero-Architects-15

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