M House Double Bay by Bruce Stafford Architects

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If this modern dream home  were mine, I can’t help but wonder if I would want to have a party to show it all off, or if it would be best to just have dinner and a movie to keep it all to myself.  Since sharing is caring, it may be best that we share this modern space together.


Designed by Bruce Stafford Architects out of Sydney, the M House Double Bay is a family home designed on a small site and utilized to its fullest potential.  The open and very welcoming space plan created maximized space for both easy and practical contemporary living. 


The glass wall and many windows allow for an abundance of light and create an illusion that the home is larger than its actual size. A retaining wall along the rear of the site has been clad in timber and planted with rainforest vegetation, turning the rear garden into an urban sanctuary.


Due to the orientation of the site and the desire for North light, skylights running along the living and kitchen area bring an abundance of natural light into the interior.


In 2001, the design practice relocated the office to Australia due to a number of client commissions for private residences – it seems like all worked out well, as in addition to the M House their portfolio has grown to include a number of distinctive and prestigious properties.

M-House-Double-Bay-by-Bruce-Stafford-Architects-6 M-House-Double-Bay-by-Bruce-Stafford-Architects-7 M-House-Double-Bay-by-Bruce-Stafford-Architects-8

Via…Bruce Stafford Architects, Guz Living


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